Year-end opening schedule

Dear Customers!

Between the 20th and 23rd of December our shop will be opened for a shorter time, from 8:00 to 15:00.

From 24th December to 2nd January, our shop will be closed.  Orders, that will be picked up on the 23rd of December, will be shipped between the Holidays. Considering the 3-5 days transit times, we recommend for those, who want their order before the 24th, to complete their order until the 13th of December.

During the closed period, our website might be unreachable because of planned maintenance. Our E-Mail services are unaffected by this, so we'll be able to receive your messages.

We wish you pleasant Holidays!


Process of ordering

  1. The first step to order from us is to gather the parts that You need. While we are doing our best to translate our products, there may be untranslated ones, so it is advised to use our search function to find products by product number / for example: 1000 011 / to avoid confusions. We are using the same numbering system for our parts than the original catalog.
  2. After all the part numbers are gathered, send us an email to sales@ifal60alkatresz.hu with the following information:
      The list of products (product number is preferred)
      Your full shipping and billing address
      A cell phone number, so the shipping carrier can contact You for delivery assistance
      An EU VAT Number, if You have any.
    In case if You are unsure about ordering and just want to receive a calculation with approximated shipping costs, sending us the list of parts and the shipping country may suffice.
  3. We will try to send You a calculation (like this) as soon as possible. As the shipping cost is a matter of weight and package size/count, therefore we can only calculate You an approximate value in the first step. Please bear in mind, that we don't have the capacity to prepare and weigh every package before finalizing an order! Approximated values are good enough that You can reevaluate Your order.
  4. In this state, when You've decided to order, tell us and we will start to prepare Your order. Collect the parts, weight them and make the final calculation with the accurate shipping costs. In the calculation header You can find the deadline for accepting the offer and the offer number. (Look for "-AR-" in the header!) If You haven't send us all the necessary information listed in point 2, it is the best time to do so. We will send You a final calculation with Your personal details included. Please review Your personal and order info as this is the last time to modify the details.
  5. After You've accepted our final calculation we will send You a receipt (which looks like this). Payment is only possible via bank transfer. After successfully received the payment we will ship the order. Shipping usually takes 2-5 business days. Some important information to take note of:
      Calculations and invocies have a validity of 7 business days. After that period You have to ask for another calculation.
      You have to include the invoice number to the payment slip. / For example: SEB5-SZ-1228695 /
      The billing address name must match the name of the person making a payment. That's especially important when You've provided an EU TAX Number!

Additional information

  1. We are selling parts in different condition. Each state has a different price which may lead to confusions. These product states can be distinguished by looking at their product number:
    Product number ends with Meaning Exchange part...
    b Used part. Checked working but no renovation made. required
    bcsn not required
    f Reconditioned part. Checked working, renovation made. required
    fcsn not required
    two digits Newly manufactured product. not required
  2. Exchange parts are required so the parts will be always available. In return that You provide us the exchange parts we can offer You a lower price reconditioned or used part. However You have to cover the costs of sending us the exchange parts. Since You are probably ordering from a foreign country, these costs might quite high. That is the reason we offer parts without exchange part (if possible) which are more expensive but may be still cheaper than sending us the broken one.
  3. We are always aiming to provide the fastest, cheapest and most responsible shipping solution to our customers. Our shipping partners include DHL, GLS and UPS. We always try different packaging methods and compare the shipping costs of these carriers. In the end we always choose the cheapest solution.