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My name is Mihály Séra. Since 1993 I am working as an entrepreneur, repairing only IFA L60 trucks and selling their spare parts. Our company was established in 2002. In that time our main profile was the complete reparation of the 6 cylinder IFA, selling spare parts for the model, preparing them for technical exams, constructing and licensing special structures.
As a repairman and driver I have had the chance to get to know the L60 trucks thoroughly. Every car, not only the L60 have typical faults. Knowing these specific errors can help the owner reduce the money spent on repairing their truck. When it comes to repairing I don't prefer simple and expensive solutions. If necessary we repair even the tiniest part. We have the right special tools for every repairing task.
My motto: If a car is broken down, it is not enough to fix the problem, you have to cease the cause of error the as well.
We have all the necessary spare parts in our stock and aiming to offer new, refurbished and used parts as well.
SÉRA KFT Raktár SÉRA KFT Raktár2
As of January 2016 the decreasing number of IFA trucks in the area, and the increasing interest in spare parts led us the decision to leave the repairing of trucks and completely focus on spare parts sales. Nowadays our main profile completely changed to recondition and sell spare parts for IFA L60 and to sell parts for IFA W50 trucks and for HL and HW type trailers. Our parts are being requested from all parts of Hungary, and from more and more surrounding countries, mainly from Germany and Slovakia, but we can ship Your order in most European country.
A few parts that we offer:
Engine Gearbox Transfer gearbox
Differential Hydraulic steering gearbox Injection system
Injector Compressor Cylinder head
Fan Water pump Generator
Starter Clutch booster Hydraulic cylinder for cab
Plunger pump for cab Pressure regulator Three circuit protective valve
Preloading cylinder One circuit main brake cylinder Wheel brake cylinder
Electro-Pneumatic valve Gearbox control valve One circuit trailer control valve
Two circuit trailer control valve Hand brake valve Spring loaded unit
Ball joint Drain valve Brake lining
Brake shoe Break drum Windshield
Muffler Road spring Leaf spring
Shock absorber Hydraulic tubes Pneumatic tubes
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